Why You Need Hosting and Server Management

As an SEO Consultancy firm, we won’t just be helping you with search engine or social media optimization tactics, we’ll also make sure that you get proper hosting and server management help.

Basically, this involves the use of a Web Host Manager, also known as WHM, which allows administrative access to the CPanel’s back end.

With the help of the right WHM, you can be sure that :

•You’ll be able to monitor and manage your websites;
•You’ll be able to create, delete, and suspend CPanel accounts;
•You’ll be able to configure customers’ queries and requests;
•You’ll be able to access DNS Zones, as well as check and change them;
•You’ll be able to access and skip from every panel on your account to another while being able to tweak settings without damaging SQL Properties;
•You’ll be allowed to change or edit user names and client domain names;
•You’ll be able to make way for extensive branding, by customizing the panel, as well as customizing hosting;
•You’ll be able to create a new account with a default page, and;
•You’ll also have permission to check status and server information, as well.

Root Panel Accounts

You could also choose to apply for Root Panel Accounts which will be able to help you do the following :

•Create a reseller center that would help you meet and manage resellers of your products;
•Get automated backup tools without paying any additional fees;
•Assign IP Addresses in your own manner and terms;
•Restart services such as Mail, HTTP, SQL, and the like;
•Install SQL Certificates and gain access to them, and;
•Change your main CPanel username whenever you want!

Why You Need It

Aside from what was said above, you can be sure that with the help of WHM, you’ll be able to experience the following features :

•You’d gain more privacy. This is because people won’t be able to tell which accounts are connected to the same WHM cPanel, which means that your accounts will all be secure.

server•Hackers won’t be able to access your account. Of course, this is not foolproof–as nothing online is–but the risks of hackers accessing your account have been proven to automatically be reduced because no one would really be able to access the sites.

•You’d have cPanels for each of the IP addresses. This means that you won’t have problems trying to input information about credit cards and other important details that need security.

•It’s so easy to manage panels. This is because with the help of WHM, you will be able to access and manage multiple panels at once–without having to degrade the quality of your other accounts.

•Bandwidth and disk space will easily be adjusted. This will make it easy for you to make sure that your accounts are working properly and that they won’t be looking for power from the same bandwidth–which would then help you save money!

•Password resets are easy.There’s no need to go through endless questions and CAPTCHAs. You’d be able to change passwords in a clear, easy manner while still being able to monitor all your sites!

SEO•Skeleton directory access.You’d be able to change settings from the inside—so your branding efforts would not go to waste, and you’ll be able to shape your business into what you want it to be!

•Time and efforts are saved! You’d have dedicated IP Addresses that will give you SSL Certificates without any hassle. You’d get reseller accounts at that, too!

With our SEO consultancy services, you can be sure that you’ll get the right WHM for your business!

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