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Why Use Patches On Fabric and How To Use Them

Patches are embroidery designs attached in fabric to represent an organization, company and many other groups. With the help of the thread and fabric backing, you can simply fix the patch onto the textile. You can also use pins and sew it on the fabric for better attachment. Other methods include Velcro backing and iron-on dryer with heat activated adhesive. In fact, over the decades, this has been a practice to various organizations around the world.

Up to date, we have state-of-the-art machines to ensure that quality patches are created. The high-speed equipment has also revolutionized the way these items are made. For instance, you don’t have to endure a time-consuming process anymore with the availability of these machineries. Hence, mass production is efficiently achieved just as how much the industry needs.

Finding The Best Stitched Designs Online

When it comes to identification purposes, a patch can go a long way. It has actually been a reliable item used in the military division as well as in many other associations across the globe. For uniformed personnel, patches are highly useful in order to represent the name and logo of the organization. With convenient patch designs attached onto the uniform, it’s easier to identify professionals and members of different groups in and out of the country.


This art of embellishing textiles through the use of thread stitching is undeniably an admirable practice to carry on. As a matter of fact, religious artifacts and royalty robes are decorated with hand-stitched patterns and designs to showcase artistic embellishments. And now, most of these items are useful to government bodies such as for specialized workers, emergency services, and military uniforms. Also, private companies as well as sports teams are attaching patches on their uniforms to represent their names.

Taking Advantage Of Quality Patch

A patch mainly denotes position, job role, rank and other specialized unit. Scouting organizations, sports teams, specialized clubs and youth groups use stitched designs to effectively promote their organizations. Space agencies also take advantage of these products in order to symbolize their missions. With the availability of technology, things have become simpler and daily tasks turned into enjoyable obligations. And if you are currently in need of beautifully designed stitched designs, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of skilled patch makers will provide you with the finest designs you’ll ever need to meet your exact requirements. The fabric backings are cut according to the pattern and in order to avoid fraying, every edge is heat-sealed. After that, the thread will be sewn into place for a solid attachment and perfect designing.

When it comes to stitches, the following are the basic designs that you will encounter:

1. Chain Stitch

2. Buttonhole

3. Blanket Stitch

4. Running Stitch

5. Stain Stitch

6. Cross Stitch

Patch is frequently crafted from hemming, satin, and chain stitches as well as machine work depend on using multiple threads. The advanced technology that we are using in fact helps us to create wonderful designs that our customers love. Now, images are digitally scanned along with computer controlled multi-head sewing machine with multi-colored threads to produce premium designs.

Why Choose Us

Some of the modern advancements in the industry include improving stiffness, preventing bunching, avoiding wrinkling, and applying plastic backing to ensure the attachment of the patch. Oftentimes, a patch is die-cut to certain shapes through border-protected method so that unraveling is prevented. Polyester easily blend colored threads in a rapid manner with superior durability guaranteed unlike cotton thread.

Look no further, we have the best items for you to take advantage of. With custom designs, you can get what you exactly want from our patch-making solutions. With competitive prices, you are sure to get the value in each patch that we produce. As your reputable patch-maker in the industry, placing an online order with us will give you what you truly deserve with fast shipping services within the US. You may contact our customer service hotline for questions and other related concerns.